Block log

All block logs will be recorded in ${user_home}/logs/csp/sentinel-block.log:

2014-06-20 16:35:10|1|sayHello(java.lang.String,long),FlowException,default,origin|61,0
2014-06-20 16:35:11|1|sayHello(java.lang.String,long),FlowException,default,origin|1,0
  1. 2014-06-20 16:35:10: timestamp
  2. 1: index
  3. sayHello(java.lang.String,long): the resource name
  4. XXXException,type of rules to take effect. FlowException for flow control, DegradeException for circuit breaking, SystemException for system adaptive protection, ParamFlowException for parameter flow control
  5. default for the limitApp defined in rules
  6. origin,for the real origin of the request
  7. 61,0,61 for block times; 0 has no meaning, which can be ignored

Metric log

Metrics of resources are recorded in {user_home}/logs/csp/{app_name}_{pid}_metrics.log:

1529573107000|2018-06-21 17:25:07|sayHello(java.lang.String,long)|10|3601|10|0|2
  1. 1529573107000: the timestamp of this record;
  2. 2018-06-21 17:25:07: formatted date/time;
  3. sayHello(java.lang.String,long): resource name;
  4. 10: passed request count (passQps);
  5. 3601: blocked count;
  6. 10: complete count (successfully handled by Sentinel);
  7. 0: business exception count;
  8. 2: the average response time (ms)

Other logs

Other info (such as rule loading) is recorded in ${user_home}/logs/csp/

Since 1.7.2, a new Logger SPI mechanism is introduced for flexible logging extension. The default logger implementation is still based on java.util.logging, and developers could introduce dependencies of logging integration to adapt to their existing logging library (e.g. slf4j). We've provided the sentinel-logging-slf4j module.

Note that the logger SPI is designed for RecordLog and CommandCenterLog. The metric log and block log will not be affected by the logger SPI.