General Configuration

Sentinel provides the following ways to configure the common items:

  • JVM -D parameter
  • properties file (since 1.7.0)

The item should be configured with JVM -D parameter, while other items support both approaches.

Users can configure the path of the properties file via the -Dcsp.sentinel.config.file property item, which also supports files in classpath (such as Sentinel will attempt to read the configuration from the file (the default charset is UTF-8).

Note: If you're using Spring Boot or Spring Cloud, you may leverage Spring Cloud Alibaba Sentinel to provide Sentinel configuration in your Spring config file directly.

Sentinel Core

Basic configuration items

Item Description Type Default Value Required Notes The name of your microservice String null no It's recommended to provide the name. The type of your microservice int 0 (APP_TYPE_COMMON) no introduced since 1.6.0
csp.sentinel.metric.file.single.size The max size of single metric log file long 52428800 (50MB) no The max amount of metric log files int 6 no
csp.sentinel.statistic.max.rt Maximum allowed response time (in ms). If exceeding this value, it will be recorded as this value. int 4900 no introduced since 1.4.1
csp.sentinel.spi.classloader The SPI classloader mechanism String default no If the value is context, then Sentinel will use the thread context classloader as the SPI classloader.

Logging configuration items

Item Description Type Default Value Required Notes
csp.sentinel.log.dir The log directory String ${user.home}/logs/csp/ no introduced since 1.3.0 Whether the log files include the process ID boolean false no introduced since 1.3.0
csp.sentinel.log.output.type The output destination of the record logs (console for the terminal, file for the file) String file no introduced since 1.6.2