The Flow Sentinel of Your Microservices


Sentinel is a powerful flow-control component enabling reliability (flow control, circuit breaking, adaptive system protection) and real-time monitoring for microservices

Feature List

  • Rich scanerios

    Rich production-level scanerios from Alibaba such as peak load shifting, spikes in pulse flow and adaptive system protection.

  • Easy to use

    Provides annotation support and out-of-box integrations with popular open-source frameworks such as Spring Cloud, gRPC, Quarkus and Zuul.

  • Advanced flow control

    Support advanced flow control by various metric types, relation and traffic shaping effect.

  • Real-time monitoring and rule configuration

    Provides a powerful dashboard for real-time monitoring and rule configuration.

Microservice Ecosystem Landscape

Quick start

This guide gets you started with Sentinel quickly in a few minutes.


Who is using Sentinel

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